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Minority Rights Group International: Online Courses
"To begin, select a course from the list at left....."

Mirrior On America (MOA)
"Unspinning the spin, kitchen table style..."

Mixed Race America (MRA)
"Thoughts, musings, and observations about race in America, particularly the mixing of race--in all the ways you can imagine: people of various races interacting, people of various races not wanting to mix, issues of purity, hybridity, multiplicity, heterogeneity..."

"A Guide to Asian American Empowerment..."

Modesto Brown Berets
"Click image to enter..."

Movement University, The (TMU)
"...a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-lateral public initiative of PEACE."

Multicultural Book Review, The (MBRH)
"Here we choose one review each month and feature its book as a particularly strong choice for educators to use in their classrooms...."

Multiracial Activist, The
"...a libertarian oriented activist journal covering social and civil liberties issues..."
http://www.multiracial.com/ ~ http://www.multiracial.com/site/

Multiracial Family Life
"I am Natasha Sky, a writer, an artist, an activist, and a multiracial woman, as well as the mother of four multiracial children between the ages of 4 and 8. Two of my children joined our family through open domestic adoption and two of my children joined our family through homebirth...."

My Own Private Black History Month
"28 days of this black girl's personal view on Black History Month, African American Heritage Month, or whatever we're calling it now..."

My Urban Report
"...a multi-media blog that explores urban news, media issues, and the personal experiences of its founder Amani Channel."
http://www.myurbanreport.com/ ~ http://myurbanreport.blogspot.com/

Nappy Headed Black Child
"I have said before that there isnt an established paradigm for blackness that exists beyond theory...."

Native America Calling (NAC)
"...a live call-in program linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities. Each program engages noted guests and experts with callers throughout the United States..."

Native American Times
"Today's Independent Indian news..."

Native Hawaiian Rights Movement
"I'm a Native Hawaiian Rights ACTIVIST and strong ADVOCATE for the Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement to bring about a positive change through self-governing and working together as Native Hawaiians to build our land and help our Native Hawaiian brothers and sisters better their lives...."

Native Son
"I am really into the advancement of people of color through education. As a young black man I have come to understand that my ancestors sacrificed and fought too hard to have it compromised..."
http://nativeson.wordpress.com/ ~ http://mtb75.wordpress.com/

NativeWeb: Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
"Looking for specific native information? Search our large database. Know of materials we don't list? Be a NativeWeb community participant and tell us what to add."

Nazism Exposed Project, The
"... to document Neo-Nazi movement both on the internet and in the real world, with main focus on groups localized in Europe."
http://www.student.uit.no/~paalde/nazismexposed/ ~ http://www.ekran.no/html/nazismexposed/

Nazi Watch Toronto
"Digging up all the dirt on the GTA Neo-Nazis since 2009!"

"...one of the first web-based sites of interest to African-Americans, and later the African Diaspora on the Internet. The domain name itself was first registered in 1994. As the new owners, our hope is to live up to the great legacy of those who have come before us - both online, and off."

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