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The current Featured Link for Spreading the Truth is Headwaters Forest : "...the last large unprotected ancient redwood ecosystem left in the U.S. when Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz took over Pacific Lumber Company, raiding the company's pension plan, selling off its assets, and doubling the logging in the forest so he could pay back his junk bonds debt." -- Find similar and related links in the Environmentalism, Green, and Eco-Friendly Directory.
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"Helping White People Fight White Supremacy..."

American Black Chick in Europe (ABCiE)
"I think that's part of the fun. Join me as I contemplate whatever's on my mind: interracial relationships/dating, the state of the black community, politics, my (pseudo) expat life, these crazy Europeans, whatever...."

American Exception
"William Jelani Cobb: a mild-mannered professor who ingested radioactive watermelon seeds and developed superhuman capacities for sarcasm and irony. My alter-ego is a Race Man in a postracial world doing combat with the arrayed forces of silliness, absurdity and crippling levels of triflingness..."
http://americanexception.typepad.com/ ~ http://americanexception.com/

American Institute for Managing Diversity
"Advancing Diversity Thought Leadership..."

American Journal of Color Arousal, The (AMJCA)
"The practice of racism (sic) constitutes a crime..."

American Pictures
"Most popular lecture on racism, oppression, poverty and social injustice with more than 6,500 presentations in American and European Higher Education..."

And We Shall March
"Black, Geek, and Fine With That..."

Andy Carrington
"Specialising primarily in prosaic poetry, with recurring themes such as anti-racism/fascism, sexual obsession and illness, to date he has published one collection of poetry and four digital chapbooks independently, and had his work included in two poetry anthologies..."

Angola 3 News
"37 years ago in Louisiana, 3 young black men were silenced for trying to expose continued segregation, systematic corruption, and horrific abuse in the biggest prison in the US..."

Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation
"...tells the story of three former members of the Black Panther Party incarcerated in the Angola Louisiana State Prison known as the Angola 3."

Angry Asian Man
"I'm not as angry as you think. Yes, racism angers me. But I'm not here sitting in front of the computer, hating 'whitey' and plotting revolution. This is just a subject that has always interested me - pointing out racism and noting any and all appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture (the good and the bad)."
http://www.angryasianman.com/ ~ http://blog.angryasianman.com/

Angry Black Woman, The (ABW): Race, Politics, Gender, Sexuality, Anger
"This blog is anti-racism and anti-sexism. It's anti-prejudice of all kinds, but I focus mainly on racism and sexism because I am a black woman."
http://theangryblackwoman.wordpress.com/ ~ http://theangryblackwoman.com/

Anti-Asian Violence Concerns
"...to further understand the issues of racial and ethnic violence..."

Anti-Fascist Archive: The Largest Public Collection of Anti-Fascist Action Material
"...consists primarily of the literature, images and videos of Anti-Fascist Action and Red Action. However, there is also material from Workers' Fight, the Anti-Nazi League and even from fascist groups such as the National Front."

Anti-Fascist Encyclopedia
"'Alex Constantine's Anti-Fascist Encyclopedia,'..."

Anti-Hate Organization
"...fighting for racial, religious, gender, sexual preference, etc. equality..."
http://arpunx.tripod.com/welcome.html ~ http://members.tripod.com/~ARpunx/welcome.html

Anti-Racism And Hate: No More Racism
"Racism is the belief that race determines their traits or the belief that ones race is superior. Racism has been around for a very long time and has even resulted in abuse, oppression, and murder."

Anti-Racism Committee Resource List (ARC Resource List)
"...Resources Owned by the Anti-Racism Committee..."

Anti-Racist.org (New Jersey, USA)
"Welcome to www.anti-racist.org a web portal for anti-racist, immigrant rights, social and economic justice organizations in the Northern New Jersey Metro area...."

Anti-Racist Action (ARA) (Moscow, Russia)
"The people of Idaho do not want violent hate groups in their back yard and neither should the rest of the nation. Unfortunately, our government representatives are either right-wing extremists or impotent and scared to take a decisive stance in defense of their constituents."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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