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Black Philanthropic Alliance, The: Blog (BPA)
"...a network of professionals in philanthropy and nonprofits who identify, manage and influence investments and resources to strengthen and connect the Black community in the Washington, DC region."

Black Press USA
"...the joint web presence of America's Black community newspapers and the NNPA News Service - the last national Black Press news wire."

Black Scholar, The
"...African American studies intellectuals, community activists, and national and international political leaders come to grips with basic issues confronting black America and Africa."

Black Thought
"Commentary From An African-American Progressive..."

Black Unity: All Things Afrikan
"...a home away from home so that we as Afrikans can be who we are and share information from a Afikans perspective. Some of our discussions, videos, events and groups focus on unification and upliftment, ancestoral rememberance, political prisoner updates and much more under the agenda of Black Unity."

Black Vote
"Why the Black Vote Counts in America...."

Black Women in Europe (BWIE)
"A place to celebrate Women of the African Diaspora living in Europe. Sisters around the world unite! It ain't where you're from it's where you're at...."

Blog and the Bullet, The
"An Aggregator On The Best Blogs Concerning Racial Issues, White Supremacy, and Other Radical Musings..."

"In OUR future thinking & practices: No racism ALLOWED! No idiotic male chauvinism nor bigoted discrimination ALLOWED! No ideological nor religious motivated terroristic stupidity ALLOWED!"

Borderzine: Reporting Across Fronteras
"...a web community for Latino student journalists, a two-way bridge connecting the classroom and the newsroom. It creates an unprecedented national dialogue around issues of newsroom diversity and shifts the new voices, perspectives and experiences of Latinos in the U.S. from the borderline to the centerline."

Brown Berets de Nuevo Mexico, Los (BBNO)
"The first Brown Berets in the State of New Mexico since the early 1970's. They were Disbanded when The Original and Only Prime Minister Juanito Burns Jr. Joined with The Original Brown Beret Organization..."

Brown Man Thinking Hard
"...combines searing opinions with emotionally engaging commentary to provide insightful and provocative criticism of today's social and political events. A passionate populist, his view of the political process and its players vividly champions the humanity of the everyday American citizen."

Call to Action Against Racism and Fascism
"During the early morning hours of March 27th, a Portland, Oregon anti-racist activist was shot in what appears to be a well orchestrated attack. It is suspected that the attackers were members of the neo-Nazi movement..."

Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRR)
"...foster racial harmony and cross-cultural understanding and help to eliminate racism..."

Carlagirl Photo
"...to be able to make my own work widely available for free, and to make accessible my research about artists of the African Diaspora, especially photographers, and in particular women. As it developed it grew to also include GLBTQ artists."

Causa Salt Lake City, La
"Yo soy Joaquín, perdido en un mundo de confusión: I am Joaquín, lost in a world of confusion, caught up in the whirl of a gringo society, confused by the rules, scorned by attitudes, suppressed by manipulation, and destroyed by modern society...."

CCSF Teaching Tolerance Project
"...how to understand, create, nurture, and find tolerance..."

Center For Social Inclusion
"Our collective decisions shape where we invest our resources, develop relationships and build opportunities. Too often these decisions open a racial divide that undermines opportunity in communities of color."

Central Anti Racism Division (CARD)
"Together we stand up against racism!"

Central New Jersey Anti-Racist Action (ARA)
"The name can be a bit deceiving, as we do not limit our struggle to racism. The ARA intends to build a movement against racism, sexism, homophobia and heterosexism, and discrimination against the oldest, the youngest, and the poorest of our society...."

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