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The current Featured Link for the Organizations Link Directories is Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (Africa) : "...formed on November 2000 with the aim of fighting evictions, water cut-offs and poor health services, obtaining free electricity, securing decent housing, and opposing police brutality. The AEC is currently an umbrella body for over 10 community organizations, crisis committees, and concerned residents movements..." -- Find similar and related links in the Anarchism, Libertarian, and Anti-Authoritarian Directory.
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Grito, El
"Gracias mil for comin' round these last two years and enriching the shag. You are one solid posse...."

Harry Allen: Media Assassin
"There he writes about race, politics, and culture, much as he does for VIBE, The Source, The Village Voice, and other publications, and has been doing so for over twenty years."

Hate Directory, The: Hate Groups on the Internet
"...available without cost to law enforcement and human rights agencies and organizations..."

Hello, Negro
"I'm a child of a black panther and a true negrophile. This blog is about what I feel, think, want, see, and want to share with the world....that changes daily. If you don't agree or have a problem...charge it to my head and not my heart."

History of Abolitionism (Slavery and Tobacco) in the United States
"A Better Warning Label: Treat cigarettes like you would a live hand grenade..."

Hope Not Hate
"On this website we explain why the BNP are the same old nazis they always were. We broadcast a video, shot only a few years ago, which shows then leading BNP officials singing racist songs and giving a Nazi salute..."

I Am This Land
"...a response to a year of divisive rhetoric; it is Breakthrough's call for a more positive and open-minded future for our country. The new year provides the opportunity to celebrate our diversity and recommit to building a society that values dignity, equality and justice."

Imagine 2050
"...includes activists, immigrants, artists and students who are invested in a future nation that embodies a multiracial democracy. By the year 2050, one out of five Americans will be foreign born. Latino and Asian communities will increase significantly."

Immigration Talk with a Mexican American
"Discuss Immigration Issues with a Mexican American. Truth, Honesty and the American Way!"

"...to provide you with quality news, information, and entertainment from a Native American perspective..."
http://www.indianz.com/ ~

Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources
"News, Articles, Videos, Resources, Papers, Books, and More..."

Information on Militias
"This is a very rough initial list of links to information on militias I put together after the OK City bombing...."

Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture (ISPRC)
"...to promote the assets and address the societal conflicts associated with race or culture in theory, and research, mental health practice, education, business, and society at large."

Institute for the Study of Academic Racism (ISAR)
"...encourages an activist approach to understanding..."
http://www.ferris.edu/isar/ ~ http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/staff/webpages/site.cfm?LinkID=259&eventID=34

Internet Centre Anti Racism Europe (ICARE)
"...democratic, non-violent Human Rights and antiracism work..."

Interracial Voice (IV)
"From 1995 to 2003 Interracial Voice served as an independent, information-oriented, networking newsjournal, serving the mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace. Editor and publisher Charles Michael Byrd's Editorials are archived below for your perusal (1994-2003)..."
http://www.webcom.com/~intvoice/ ~

Invisible Woman: Black Cinema at Large
"...years ago my father said 'Never trust most critics' review of a black film. They just don't get it'. Time again I've found that to be true...."

Irene's Daughters
"We are committed to an honest and occasionally confessional discussion of race relations, systemic racism, and prejudice in the United States. While the dialogue may become heated, we are dedicated to a peaceful and ultimately constructive conversation..."

It's About Time - Black Panther Party Legacy & Alumni
"...have exhibits will travel..."

Jack & Jill Politics (JJP)
"Our goal at JJP is to provide a middle class African-American perspective on U.S. politics and to ameliorate the portrayal of African-Americans in the media. The majority of African-Americans are neither drug-dealing criminals nor super-elites like Oprah, Michael Jordan and Jay-Z."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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