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Nordic Cave Resistance (NCR)
"...a You Tube group of anti-racist/anti-Nazi/anti-bigotry activists that hold the line against the onslaught of idiots, prats, gimps, fools, trolls and basically Neanderthal knuckle dragging throwbacks."

North Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action (North Side ARA)
"We don't rely on the cops or courts to do our work for us: This doesn't mean we never go to court. But we must rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and stop the fascists."

Office for Racial Justice
"...to address the sin of racism by providing parishes and schools with the tools to initiate and enhance their efforts to combat racism. Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I., established the Office for Racial Justice July 1, 2000."

Original Brown Berets, The
"It is necessary and proper that as we see changes happening in our communities that we respond in like manner to accommodate and respond to those changes and bring in a new era of the Chicano Movement in general and a new breed of Brown Berets in particular."

Paso Del Sur Group
"The PDNG plan was not created for the sake of the residents of the Segundo Barrio or for El Paso as a whole. The members of the PDNG did not identify the land in the greatest need of redevelopment. It selected land that looks most profitable to the investors themselves."

People's Institution for Survival and Beyond (PISAB)
"...a national and international collective of anti-racist, multicultural community organizers and educators dedicated to building an effective movement for social transformation."

People of Color Organize!
"...website by organizers supporting critical thinking, strategic work and direct action for social, racial and economic justice."

Pew Hispanic Center
"...a nonpartisan research organization that seeks to improve understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population and to chronicle Latinos' growing impact on the nation."

Portland State University MEChA (Oregon, USA)
"Each word in M.E.Ch.A. symbolizes a great concept in terms of la causa. Movimiento means that the organization is dedicated to the movement to gain self-determination for our people...."

Prejudice Institute, The
"... devoted to policy research and education on all dimensions of prejudice, discrimination, and ethnoviolence and seeks to improve intergroup relations and public policy."

Race, Privilege & Identity Gathering (Bristol, UK)
"The gathering will be both practical and issue based, exploring areas of debate and contention within our communities, whilst providing a skill-base so people can feel empowered to constructively tackle multiple forms of exclusion that are silenced through the hidden normativities of radical queer and feminist communities...."

"...our goal is to revolutionize thought, communication and activism related to race, gender and equality. Race-Talk has recruited more than 30 extraordinary authors, advocates, social justice leaders, journalists and researchers who graciously volunteered their expertise, their passion and time..."

Racial Equality And Cultural Harmony (REACH)
"...established as an answer to a need for improved understanding between races and cultures across the American community. It is staffed by a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to positive social change."

Racial Equality Hyndburn (REH)
"Do you feel that you may be suffering from or have suffered discrimination, racial harassment or disadvantage, if you do then we will be more than happy to help and support you and your details will be kept confidential at all times..."

Racism. No Way! (Australia)
"...aims to assist Australian school communities and education systems to recognise and address racism in the learning environment. The project is managed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities on behalf of government and non-government education systems across Australia."

Raza Justice Movement, La
"We believe that the so-called Latino is the original and rightful caretakers of this part of the world. Therefore, we are not immigrants. We believe that the so-called Latino is a descendant of some the world's most advanced and beautiful (indigenous) cultures of the world..."

Raza Press and Media Association (RPMA)
"Building A Raza Press And Media To Defend The Rights And Interests Of Our People..."

Research Agendas for Australian Cultural Diversity
"With the closure of the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural, and Population Research as one of the first acts of the Coalition government, the evidence base on which cultural diversity policies were based has shrunk year after year."

Respect Respeto
"... a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the promise of the Founding Fathers by fighting any efforts to trample an individual's Unalienable Rights endowed by their creator."

Responsible for Equality And Liberty (REAL)
"...a group that seeks to reach out to the public to rebuild a culture where our universal human rights are a priority, not an afterthought. We believe that our standard of living as human beings - begins with our standard of human rights for one another."

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