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Communism, and Collectivism

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"More than a text on communisation, what follows actually describes the relationship between capitalism and communism, from the perspective of the crisis, in the present period...."
http://www.troploin.fr/ ~ http://troploin0.free.fr/

"...provides a considerable amount of material, chiefly bio-bibliographical informations, research tools, essays and miscellanies, related to Leon Trotsky (Nov. 7, 1879 - Aug. 21, 1940), Trotskyism and Trotskyists."

Trotskyist Platform
"Workers Need A Party That Won't Respect The Capitalists' 'Right' to Exploit Workers..."

U.S.S.R. Online
"Discussion about communist & socialist political parties past & present. The evolution of the communist movement...."

Uhuru Movement
"All Uhuru, All the Time."

Uhuru News
"...we are in a war of ideas. This is a war between the dying forces of white power imperialism and the emerging forces of African Socialism for the minds of the masses of poor and oppressed people."

Union of Radical Political Economics (URPE)
"... an interdisciplinary association devoted to the study, development and application of radical political economic analysis to social problems."

Universo Marxista (Spanish)
"Textos marxistas revolucionários, que fazem do marxismo uma arma crítica, intransigente, indignada, radical...."

Victory is Certain: Leftist Links Archive
"... an archive of links to leftist, progressive, & democratic websites..."
http://www.victoryiscertain.com/linksarchive/ ~ http://www.victoryiscertain.com/linksarchive/index.html

Voice of Nepalese Youth
"Democratic socialism is a description used by various socialist movements, tendencies, and organizations, to emphasize the democratic character of their political orientation...."

Voice of the Turtle
"...an online journal of left-wing politics and culture..."

Void Mirror
"Radical Theory, Utopia, Cultural Activism, Social Struggles, Critical Thinking, Revolutionary Ideas and Ephemeral Arts networked by the VOID NETWORK..."

Voie Lactée: média communiste marxiste léniniste maoïste (French)
"Avec enthousiasme pour la révolution socialiste ! Lorsque Thomas More a écrit l'Utopie, il a présenté une société idéale, tournée vers les connaissances et où les humains partagent les richesses, une société pacifique où un être humain cherche le contact avec la nature et ne saurait tuer un être vivant."

Vote Brian Moore: Citizen Activist 2010
"First, take control, restore and protect the basic elements for our existence: air, water, land and ecosystems...."

"CopyLeft 1999-2005, information yearns to be free, just don't lift the formatting code!"

War of Position, A: Blogging Counter-Hegemony
"DIY, DIY/Punk, Gramsci, left, Movement of Movements, Plastic Militancy, Punk, Radical Green Populism, relevance, scan, social movement theory, thesis, Uri Gordon..."

Warren Snowdon (Australia)
"I place on record my indebtedness to the people of these islands whose support for me and the Australian Labor Party..."

We Are Trotskyists And We Know How To Rap
"We Are Sick Of All This Petit-Bourgeois Crap; Because We Stand For Independence Of The Working Class; We Don't Dissolve Ourselves In The Reactionary Mass..."

Weisbord E-Library
"...Albert [Weisbord] joined the Brooklyn Branch of the Socialist Party, by 1920 he became an active organizer...."

Whatever Happened to Leon Trotsky?
"The title is also rather inappropriate given my drift away from Trotskyism..."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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