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The current Featured Link for the Information Link Directories is Human Liberation Animal Liberation : "What is Animal Liberation? Animal liberation is the notion that all animals, regardless of their species, deserve freedom from exploitation and oppression. That means no cages, no owners, and no cruelty." -- Find similar and related links in the Animal Rights, Vegetarian, and Vegan Directory.
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Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism
"...Send an email to Fuck Yeah M-L..."

Fundación Andreu Nin (Galician Spanish)
"Fundación Andreu Nin, Andreu Nin, Joaquín Maurín, POUM, Víctor Serge, George Orwell, Reseñas, Perfiles revolucionarios, Juan Andrade, Wilebaldo Solano, Eugenio Granell, Ignacio Iglesias..."

Galaxia: A Revolutionary Socialist Band
"...contains lyrics of many more of my songs, many of which have been recorded by myself as unaccompanied for socialist musical poetry and some of which have been recorded by my Glasgow band Red Day..."

Gathering Forces
"Some of the areas of work we are or have been involved in include labor, anti-budget cuts in the schools, anti-racist, anti-apartheid, queer liberation work, as well as around public transportation."

"...a site dedicated to George Orwell. This site contains the complete works of George Orwell, as well as a biography, pictures and famous quotes."

Giovanetalpa.Net (Italian)
"Le appendici del nostro opuscolo..."

Gramsci Links Archive
"Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) was an Italian socialist, political theorist, and activist...."

Great Unrest, The
"Workers at the time faced a Liberal government desperate to do everything to avoid social revolution. Some workers were killed in police baton charges, troops were mobilised and gunboats even dispatched to the Mersey to intimidate strikers...."
http://thegreatunrest.net/ ~ http://thegreatunrest.wordpress.com/

Hands Off Venezuela!
"...established in December 2002. At that time the Venezuelan reactionary opposition had launched another attempt to overthrow the government of Hugo Chávez and put an end to the Bolivarian revolution."

Hans G. Ehrbar's Homepage
"The Economics of a Sick Society"
http://www.econ.utah.edu/~ehrbar/ ~ http://www.econ.utah.edu/~ehrbar/index.htm

Historical Materialism
"... a Marxist journal, appearing four times a year, based in London ..."

Hobgoblin Online Journal, The (UK)
"...seeks to work out a unity of theory and practice, worker and intellectual, and philosophy and organisation. We aim to develop and project a viable vision of a truly new, human society that can give direction to today's many freedom struggles."

Humanitarian Socialist Party
"In a world of lies, truth is a weapon of mass destruction...."

In Defence of Marxism
"For a detailed analysis of our ideas regarding the world situation today and the tasks facing revolutionary Marxists, please read..."

Insumisos (Spanish)
"Ser insumisos es una actitud provocadora. Pero no la insumisión del inmaduro que se espanta con la disciplina necesaria en cualquier proceso de la vida."

Insurgent Notes
"Journal of Communist Theory and Practice..."

International Communist Review (ICCR)
"...published in a particularly crucial period of a deep capitalist economic crisis, in a period when the bourgeois attack on people's rights escalates, the competition between monopolies and the inter-imperialist contradictions intensify."

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (CIPOML)
"We Will Not Pay For the Crisis or the Debt..."

Internationalist: The Communist Left in China
"...so that the reader may better differentiate between Communism and the ideology of the left wing of the Bourgeois class represented by Socialism/Social Democracy..."

International Socialism Journal
"... associated with the Socialist Workers Party, but articles express the opinions of individual authors unless otherwise stated."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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