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Communism, and Collectivism

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Lindsay Tanner (Australia)
"...committed to social justice and regularly participates in a range of forums on social issues. He is also an accomplished author and has written a number of articles and books on social, as well as economic and labour issues."

Links, International Journal of Socialist Renewal
"...a journal for the post Cold War left; a journal that rejects the Stalinist distortion of the socialist project; a journal that takes into account ecological questions; a journal that is taking steps to bring together the forces for socialism in the world today..."

List of Lists at Marxism.org, The
"A somewhat out-of-date list of info about the expanding universe of marxism related email lists..."

Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist
"I first became active in socialist politics in 1967, the beginning of my 11 years in the American Trotskyist movement. Despite my profound respect for Leon Trotsky as a Marxist thinker, I view the Trotskyist movement as such a sectarian mistake...."

"Is it a coincidence that so many of capitalism's Great Men - its leaders and captains of industry - are so utterly unworthy as human beings?"

"...has the interest of posting articles, political information and analysis that carries forward the best tradition of fighters against racism & oppression and for revolutionary change."

Marx, Baseball, and Rum?
"My Thoughts on: Marxism, Living Under American Capitalism, Marxian Philosophy, Baseball, Economics, Alcohol, and any other topic I feel like writing about."

Marxism-Leninism Today
"Politics without Marxism-Leninism is like a journey with no map. Throughout the last century and a half, the thinking of Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin and many of their followers has propelled the working classes and the oppressed..."

"Marxists and Marxism..."

Marxismo 2008
"5 Días De Debates Sobre La Crisis Capitalista Y La Actualidad De Marx..."

Marxism Page
"...understood as the theory and practice of working class self-emancipation..."
http://www.anu.edu.au/polsci/marx/ ~ http://www.anu.edu.au/polsci/marx/marx.html

Marxist-Leninist, The: a revolutionary communist website
"...a revolutionary communist website based in the United States."

Marxist-Leninist Translations and Reprints
"This site contains translations into English (and some into Spanish), as well as some reprints in the original language, of materials from Marxist-Leninist Parties (as well as some other revolutionary or progressive organizations) around the world...."

"Marxist resource from the Committee for a Workers' International..."

Marxist Drivel
"Hyperbolic, caffeine-fuelled, left-wing ramblings of a British Marxist...."

Marxist From Lebanon
"No Comment, I am a Marxist from Lebanon. Not a Lebanese Marxist. Big Difference Folks!"

Marxist History
"Priests and politicians absolve or condemn; historians attempt to understand and explain. This mission statement implies that one must immerse oneself in..."

Marxist Interventions
"...has successfully published Marxist scholarship in Australia and the region around it..."

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA)
"...our work is about education..."
http://www.marxists.org/ ~ http://www.marx.org/ ~ http://www.marxistsfr.org/ ~ http://marxists.anu.edu.au/

"...a worldwide moderated forum for activists and scholars in the Marxist tradition..."
http://www.marxmail.org/ ~ http://www.marxmail.org/index.htm

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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