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Strike, and Labor

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Labor Blog
"My House of Labor Posts..."

Labor Education Service (LES) (Minnesota, USA)
"...the only educational program in the state specifically focused on the needs of Minnesota workers and their organizations."
http://www.carlsonschool.umn.edu/Page5946.aspx ~ http://www.les.csom.umn.edu/

Labor Educator
"...Seek Out the Truth and Have the Courage to Defend It..."

Labor Heritage Foundation
"...works to preserve and promote knowledge of the cultural heritage of the American worker..."

Labor History Links
"...designed as your portal to labor and working class history sites on the internet. Click on the links below to open your window to the world of labor and working class history by exploring the pages that follow."

Labor History Links
"... the most comprehensive bibliography of information, documents and links of U.S. labor history sites on the internet."

Labor is Not a Commodity
"The International Labor Rights Forum, STITCH, SweatFree Communities and U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project work together in a collaborative space for international labor rights solidarity...."

Labor Neighbor Radio
"...formed by members of unions within the Washington State Labor Council to inform listeners of labor issues and news that often are not available through the mainstream media. Paramount to our mission is providing working families with information they need in their daily lives..."

"Global online communication since 1991 for a democratic, independent labor movement..."

Labor Notes
"...put the movement back in the labor movement..."

"...bring technology to serve the labor movement..."

Labor Tribune (St. Louis / Southern Illinois, USA)
"With over 62,000 paid subscribers, the Labor Tribune is the country's top weekly labor newspaper...."

Labor Union Blog
"...to encourage everyone to write articles good and bad of what they think, observe or experiences they have had with labor unions."

Labor Union News
"Labor unions have benefited greatly from the communications capabilities provided by the Internet: thousands of sites overflow with a wealth of information regarding news, issues and policies of labor unions both regional and global...."

Labor Union Report Blog
"Welcome to the blog for LaborUnionReport.com..."

Labor Union Resources
"... designed to provide help to U.S. Workers in their efforts at organizing themselves and their co-workers into labor unions."

Labor Websites
"Labornet.org, Labornet.net, Change2Win.info, AFL-CIO, OCAW International..."

Labour/Le Travail
"Since it began publishing in 1976, it has carried many important articles in the field of working-class history, industrial sociology, labour economics, and labour relations...."

"...an independent progressive blog providing a platform for open debate about centre-left issues and the future of the Labour movement. It also acts as a hub to showcase the best centre-left blogging."

LabourNet Germany
"...ist der Treffpunkt der gewerkschaftlichen Linken mit und ohne Job im weitesten Sinne. Wir sind Teil jener weltweiten Labournet-Initiativen..."

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