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Strike, and Labor

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"We are in the forefront of using the resources of the internet to provide communications, news and information for the labour movement..."

Labour Start
"Where trade unionists start their day on the net."
http://www.labourstart.org/ ~ http://www.laborstart.org/

Labour Union Digest (Britain)
"Labour News, Trade Union News, Political news, features and opinion..."

Learning Work (Canada)
"Here you will meet a wide range of university faculty, graduate students, labour unionists, worker educators and literacy activists...."

LiUNA Builds America!
"Be One in a Million: Sign the Petition to Build America..."

Mark Dilley
"Organize - which is to say - learn how to get things done together that we can't get done alone.That's all a union was meant to be."

Members Voice: The Public Transport Unions Rank and File
"We are a group of public transport workers who are deeply dissatisfied with the actions (or the lack thereof) of our unions and our union officials and we intend to do something about it...."
http://users.tpg.com.au/retepsni/MembersVoice/ ~ http://users.tpg.com.au/retepsni/MembersVoice/index.html

Mid-Atlantic States Labor
"An Internet Resource for the Busy Union Activist..."

New Labor Forum
"Published three times a year, New Labor Forum provides a place for labor and its allies to test new ideas and debate old ones."

New Unionism Network Blog, The
"...an international group which promotes global unionism through the creative application of organizing, workplace democracy, and internationalist principles."

"The owners have not been willing to give proof that they have taken a financial loss, therefore needing more money back from players. NFL owners are adamant in their desire to reduce the share of league revenue set aside for player salaries by roughly 18 percent ($1 billion) beginning next year...."

No Busters
"Learn the truth about how and why companies hire union busters and engage in union busting tactics in an effort to destroy union organizing campaigns...."

North Carolina at Work
"...to provide straightforward information to help answer your questions about labor rights and issues in North Carolina."

Northwest Labor Press
"... delivers news, views and information about organized labor, focusing on issues that impact union members in the Pacific Northwest."

No Sweat Campaign
"Fighting sweatshop bosses, all around the world."

OHS Reps @ Work
"Info, Advice, Support... Speaking Up Together."

Olympia Workers Resource (Washington, United States)
"...an educational resource for working people in the Olympia Washington area."
http://www.olympiaworkers.blogspot.com/ ~ http://www.olympiaworkers.net/

Orchid for Labor
"...to give unions big and small the ability to create a network of websites that can share content, are pre-configured to serve the specific online communication needs of labor unions, and can provide the opportunity to build identity and marketshare."

Pacific Northwest Labor and Civil Rights Projects (PNLCRP)
"No part of the United States claims a labor heritage or a civil rights history quite like the Pacific Northwest. Labor and civil rights movements have been central to the region's history and remain a powerful force in contemporary society and politics..."

Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Labor Relations
"... created in 1976 providing education, research, and training opportunities to labor, management, government, and academe."

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