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Strike, and Labor

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Stronger Unions
"...to support union efforts to meet the organising challenge and organise the next generation of union members and activists."

Stubby's Labor Quotes
"If the spirit so moves you, feel free to stop awhile and refresh yourself with the collective wisdom and inspiration within these pages...."

Take, The
"All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - The Take - has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head...."

Talking Union
"We will report on the activities and views of DSA and Young Democratic Socialists of America labor activists. We seek to be a place for a broad range of labor activists to discuss ideas for the renewal and strengthening of the labor movement...."

"Free, adaptable tools for grassroots education and organizing..."

This Tuesday
"...gathers best-practice information about organizations, projects and campaigns mobilizing and researching contingent and migrant labor."

Today's Workplace
"In each entry, Paula focuses on legal and political information relevant to employee rights and fairness issues in the workplace...."

Touchstone Blog (United Kingdom)
"This is an informal blog by TUC staff about policy issues that are in the news, or ought to be...."

Troublemaker's Handbook, The
"This site is designed for workers who feel the need to do something about conditions at work...."

U-News: The Electric Newspaper for Working Nevadans (Nevada, USA)
"The unmatched and comprehensive online meeting hall for Nevada workers since 1995..."

UCS Union Communication Services, Inc.
"Publishers of communications and educational tools for today's union leaders..."

UNI Communicators
"...union staff members (web people, press officers, journalists, organisers and campaign officers) who meet every year to share knowledge and experience on using communications to strengthen our organisations."

Union Blogs (Canada)
"... aggregates rss feeds from Canadian Union and Labour blogs. By subscribing to one or more of our feeds, you can monitor all (or some) of the blogs aggregated here. This is much easier than finding and monitoring a lot of blogs yourself."

"The social network for trade unionists - a LabourStart project...."

Union Edge, The
"Charles is now bringing that story and all his knowledge into your home or workplace every week day..."
http://theunionedge.com/ ~ http://wfrnlive.com/

Union Friendly
"The only way working people in America will obtain a decent standard of living is to unite together into unions...."

Union Jobs Clearinghouse
"...our central site for posting the open staffing and trades positions in unions and allied organizations that are now accepting applications."

Union Labor Directory: The Official Directory of Labor Unions and Prevailing Wage Guide
"Organized labor, like many other organizations, was created out of a need for working people whereby, all crafts could meet and be represented as a whole, with the objectives of concentrating and exercising their efforts for their mutual benefit with the knowledge of 'an injury to one is an injury to all'."

Union Learn
"...here to help unions spread the lifelong learning message to even more members."

Union Millwrights and Machine Erectors
"For the Best-Trained, Highest-Skilled Workforce Available Anywhere....Union Millwrights ......The Trade Of All Trades .... GUARANTEED!"

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