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Strike, and Labor

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Union News, The
"Community Organizing in The New Prog Era..."

Union News: Keep America Working
"...Jobs, Union Advantage, Union Links, Union Made Merchandise, News by Union, Help the Union Members, Reaching Out..."

Union Office Solutions
"...we buy Union, because we ARE Union, and proud of it!"

Union One
"Resources For Unions..."

Union Organizer Blog
"I'm a construction union organizer. I help workers succeed in the electrical construction industry by connecting skilled professionals with productive contractors...."

Union Organizer
"Are you a union organizer or membership developer in the construction industry? Then you're in the right place!"

Union Renewal
"What is the trade union movement doing to organise young, minority and flex workers? How does it cope with globlisation? What are its activities at the local level? How does it put social justice on the agenda?"

Union Reps
"If you're a union rep, and would like to get involved, you can register..."

Union Resource Blog
"A Resource for Working Families..."

Union Resource
"We can't rely on Wall Street or the big-money crowd...."
http://www.unionresource.org/ ~ http://www.angelfire.com/blues/writing/unionresource.html

Union Review: Labor Movement News and Views
"...to provide an online venue to share labor related news and opinions. The primary goal includes creating a forum for both rank-and-file and non-union workers where they can openly speak out about their work, struggles, and ideas in an effort to build a stronger union movement."

"...website system and communication tool built specifically for union organizations! Maintain all the content for your union website, make changes as frequently as you need, no HTML/Web Design knowledge or programs needed."

"We manage a database of over 15,000 union organizations across the United States. In doing so, we serve as the perfect advertising and communication platform for unions, businesses looking to utilize the vast union member demographics, and the political arena vying for the working peoples support...."

Union Safe (Australia)
"This site is designed to make your job easier, whether you are a workplace safety rep, a union official or a trade union educator...."

Union Shopper (Australia)
"...to provide collective union members with the best possible savings on a huge array of consumable items."
http://www.unionshopper.com.au/ ~ http://www.unionshop.org.au/

"Union Membership and Coverage Database from the CPS..."

"...to make available an online resource for NSW teachers that provides an insight into both the historical and contemporary role of unions in Australia."

"Find contact information for all Labor Union Headquarters, and browse for Local Unions (alphabetically by city) using the links located at the bottom of every page. Also, stay informed with important local union news...."

United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities (USMWF)
"... dedicated to restoring and revitalizing the quality of life for workers, their families and communities..."

Vakbondsvernieuwing (Netherlands)
"Wat doet de vakbeweging om jongeren, minderheden en flexwerkers te organiseren? Hoe biedt ze het hoofd aan de globalisering? Wat doet ze op lokaal niveau? Hoe plaatst ze sociale rechtvaardigheid op de maatschappelijke agenda?"

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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