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The current Featured Link for the Link Directories of Inactive, Information Links is Women's Educational Media : "Since 1978, Women's Educational Media has produced and distributed films and educational resources on issues ranging from environmental concerns to affordable housing to preventing prejudice. Working closely with educators, activists, national and local organizations, we ensure that our films are used to inspire meaningful social change." -- Find similar and related links in the Feminism, and Women's Rights Directory.
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Technical, Office and Professional (TOP) Union (UAW) - Local 2110
"... an amalgamated union with 30 contracts covering over 3000 workers in universities, publishing, museums, law firms and other offices."

Tenants Union of Washington State
"Affordable, decent housing for all..."

Trades Union Congress
"...we campaign for a fair deal at work and for social justice at home and abroad."

Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC)
"...an interface for labour unions with the OECD. It is an international trade union organisation which has consultative status with the OECD and its various committees."

Transportation Communications International Union (TCU)
"...represents approximately 46,000 members in the U.S., most employed in the railroad industry. In July 2005, TCU affiliated with the IAM, with full merger to occur no later than January 2012...."
http://www.goiam.org/index.php/tcunion ~ http://www.tcunion.org/

Transportation Security Adiminstration Union (TSA) (AFGE)
"... is at the forefront of the struggle to secure rights and improve working conditions at TSA."

Transportation Trades Department (TTD), AFL-CIO
"... represents the interests of several million aviation, rail, transit, trucking, highway and longshore workers before Congress, the Executive Branch and independent government agencies."

Transport Workers Solidarity Committee
"... open to wage workers and retirees who work in the transportation industry."

Transport Workers Union (TWU) - Local 100
"...a local (or chapter) of the Transport Workers Union of America, a union that represents transportation workers in bus and subway lines, and several airlines nationwide. The Local primarily represents workers in the New York City public transportation system and at some private bus lines...."

Transport Workers Union (TWU)
"... formed in 1934 during the depths of the Great Depression when New York City's transit companies were abusing the nation's dire situation."
http://www.twu.com/ ~ http://www.twu.org/

TUC Organising Academy
"...has trained some 270 new union organisers who have organised thousands of new union members, identified hundreds of new reps and established unions for the first time in hundreds of workplaces."

TU Workers
"... the union for T-Mobile workers..."

U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project (USLEAP)
"...an independent non-profit organization that supports workers who are fighting for a better life for their families and to overcome poverty in Latin America."

UE Local 896/COGS
"...a democratic, rank-and-file Union. Like our national Union, UE, Local 896/COGS doesn't just depend on the members. It is the members. At all levels of our Union - Local, District, and National - democracy dictates."

UFCW Members for Democracy
"Fully democratic unions are essential to improving the lives of working people today and in the future...."

UNI Europa
"...a European trade union federation for services and communication... We represent 7 million workers in 330 European trade unions."

UNI Global Union
"... the Global Union for skills and services. We represent 900 trade unions and 20 million workers worldwide."

Union Aid Abroad (APHEDA) (Australia)
"...has played a crucial role in fighting for global social justice - for human rights, genuine sustainable development, self-determination, workers' rights, equality, freedom and democracy."

Union Label and Service Trades Department (ULSTD)
"We work to promote the union label. When you see a union label -- whether it is on a product, on a union shop or union store placard in a place of business, or on a union button worn by a worker - it signifies quality goods and services...."
http://www.unionlabel.org/ ~ http://www.shopunionmade.org/

Union Plus
"... to provide consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions."

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