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United Transportation Union - Local 23 (UTU) (United States)
"... represents the SCMTD Bus Operators and the Operators and Dispatchers of Liftline; all within the Santa Cruz, California community."

United Transportation Union - Local 30 (UTU) (United States)
"... represents Conductors and Engineers operating Tri County Commuter Rail Authority (Tri-Rail) trains in South Florida."

United Transportation Union - Local 60 (UTU) (United States)
"Announcements, Official Statements and Contact Information ..."

United Transportation Union - Local 84 (UTU) (United States)
"My brothers and sisters, I hope to keep up with it...."

United Transportation Union - Local 161 (UTU) (United States)
"At our last union meeting, it was mentioned that many people who do not attend the meetings are unaware of what their union has been doing for them...."

United Transportation Union - Local 168 (UTU) (United States)
"Participate in the life of your union!"

United Transportation Union - Local 171 (UTU) (United States)
"Since 1969, we have promoted those interests jointly through the following areas: political action, collective bargaining, individual advocacy in the workplace..."

United Transportation Union - Local 196 (UTU) (United States)
"UTU Local 196 Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1400 at the Cafe From Yesterday located at 112 E. 2nd St. Beardstown, Il...."
http://0196.utu.org/ ~ http://0196.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 199 (UTU) (United States)
"Links, Agreements, Local Officers, Legal Counsel, Safety, Calendar..."

United Transportation Union - Local 202 (UTU) (United States)
"The UTU has been successful in the past and continues to strive for progressive and innovative contracts that ensure excellent wages and benefits and a healthy pension system..."

United Transportation Union - Local 226 (UTU) (United States)
"Hours of Service Final rule - 7/19/2010, Rail Safety Bill - 7/19/2010, UTU Constitution - 7/19/2010..."
http://0226.utu.org/ ~ http://0226.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 228 (UTU) (United States)
"Here is a different way to look at crew boards..."
http://0228.utu.org/ ~ http://0228.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 239 (UTU) (United States)
"Come to meetings and voice your opinion!"

United Transportation Union - Local 243 (UTU) (United States)
"Union Meeting Time and Location; When: 4th Tuesday of each month...."

United Transportation Union - Local 257 (UTU) (United States)
"Local Safety Committee, Agreements, Report Safety Violations, Local Officers, E-mail Local Chair Future, E-mail Local Chair..."
http://utu257.homestead.com/ ~ http://utu257.homestead.com/index.html

United Transportation Union - Local 298 (UTU) (United States)
"As service continues to grow more will be recalled. If you have been recalled, remember your insurance will be reinstated for the following month once you work 7 full days...."

United Transportation Union - Local 303 (UTU) (United States)
"Need to contact your Local Officers or Local Chairmen? Need to Research a Local Agreement? Need info on meeting dates and times?"

United Transportation Union - Local 306 (UTU) (United States)
"We are here to protect and help you, help us by calling us when you need help. We can be more powerful than a locomotive only through unity..."

United Transportation Union - Local 311 (UTU) (United States) (La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA)
"Be more involved in your local!"
http://0311.utu.org/ ~ http://0311.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 324 (UTU) (United States)
"... to keep our membership informed, active, and protected."

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