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American Federation of Teachers (AFT)
"...founded in 1916 and represents nearly 3,000 local affiliates nationwide, 43 state affiliates and more than 1.4 million members."

American Federation of Teachers (AFT-Washington State, USA) (AFL-CIO)
"...a state federation affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO. We represent about 5,500 members including faculty from community and technical colleges and pre-K through 12 classified employees."
http://wa.aft.org/ ~ http://www.aftwa.org/ ~ http://www.wftaft.com/

American Labor Studies Center
"...a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to collect, analyze, evaluate, create and disseminate labor history and labor studies curricula and related materials..."

American Postal Workers Union (APWU)
"... the world's largest postal union, representing more than 330,000 USPS employees and retirees, and nearly 2,000 private-sector mail workers."

American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)
"...a 35,000-member national professional association that represents pharmacists who practice in hospitals, health maintenance organizations, long-term care facilities, home care, and other components of health care systems."

American Train Dispatchers Association
"... an AFL-CIO-affiliated craft union representing employees in the nation's railroad industry who safely and efficiently operate and dispatch trains, and supply the electric power for those railroads which use electricity for train propulsion and signalling."

American Unions Online
"...dedicated to providing the highest quality embroidery, screen printing and promotional items Made in America by fully Unionized workers for purchase and distribution by Union Locals, Districts and Internationals for their members."

Arnold M. Dublin Labor Education Center (Massachusetts, USA)
"...founded in 1975 by leaders in the labor movement, the community and the university. The Center's Advisory Board represents a wide constituency in developing..."

Asia Monitor Resource Centre (AMRC) (Hong Kong, China)
"...an independent non-government organization (NGO) which focuses on Asian labour concerns. Founded in 1976, AMRC has ben leading the way in promoting workers' rights and democratic labour movements in Asia for over 30 years now."

Asian Canadian Labour Alliance (ACLA)
"...made up of members who come from labour and activist circles. Our mandate is both social unionism and anti-racism. Although this chapter is based in Ontario, ACLA has a nation-wide focus on labour and race issues."

Association for Union Democracy
"...union democracy for a strong labor movement..."
http://www.uniondemocracy.org/ ~ http://www.uniondemocracy.com/

Association of Flight Attendants (AFA)
"... the world's largest labor union organized by flight attendants for flight attendants. AFA represents over 55,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines..."

Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists & Managers, Australia (APESMA)
"...the largest national non-profit organisation representing professional employees. APESMA represents engineers, scientists, managers, IT professionals, pharmacists, collieries staff, veterinarians, architects, surveyors, and many other professionals."

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (Australia)
"When union delegates gathered in the Victorian Trades Hall in 1927 to establish the Australian Council of Trade Unions they had a clear vision - to lift the living standards and quality of working life of working people...."

Australian Education Union (AEU) - ACT Branch
"...represents over 3,500 members and advocates their views strongly to the ACT Department of Education and Training, the Canberra Institute of Technology and the ACT Government."

Australian Education Union (AEU) - Federal Branch
"On these pages you'll find out about the huge range of activities, policies and campaigns we undertake on behalf of our 165,000 members. They work as teachers and allied educators in schools, colleges and early childhood centres...."

Australian Education Union (AEU) - Tasmanian Branch
"...an organisation that protects the industrial and professional interests of its members. It also advocates for a well-resourced public education system as the only one that is free, secular and available to all."

Australian Education Union (AEU) - Victorian Branch
"...a federally registered union that represents the public education sector throughout Australia. Nationally it has more than 180,000 members."

Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA)
"...to: improve working conditions; maintain and increase the status of the law enforcement profession; and achieve fair and equitable terms and conditions of service for our members."

Australian Institute of Marine & Power Engineers (AIMPE)
"Thus YOU can exert considerable pressure in a response to what would otherwise be the overwhelming power of the employer to dictate terms to employees..."

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