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United Transportation Union - Local 329 (UTU) (United States)
"Vacation Change Forms Are On the DOWLOAD Page..."

United Transportation Union - Local 339 (UTU) (United States)
"In the next couple of weeks each member will be receiving a pamphlet on first responder awareness...."

United Transportation Union - Local 418 (UTU) (United States)
"If you are not already contributing to UTU PAC, please start. It is important for your future and the future of your family, your job and your union to support those who stand up for you...."

United Transportation Union - Local 418 (UTU) (United States)
"The railroads have now forced us to take our fight with them to the Halls of Congress and other areas besides the bargaining table..."
http://www.utu418.org/ ~ http://utu418.progressthroughunity.org/

United Transportation Union - Local 426 (UTU) (United States)
"Not yet a member? Print and fill out the New Member Application form and return it to a Local Chairman or the Secretary/Treasurer...."

United Transportation Union - Local 432 (UTU) (United States)
"...based out of the Canadian National Railway Champaign, Illinois terminal. Our local consists of 44 conductors, engineers, and brakemen at this time."
http://0432.utu.org/ ~ http://0432.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 469 (UTU) (United States)
"The information contained on this site is to keep members aware of current labor issues and what your representatives are doing for you...."
http://www.angelfire.com/il3/utulocal469/ ~ http://www.angelfire.com/il3/utulocal469/index.html

United Transportation Union - Local 489 (UTU) (United States)
"A place where union members can keep up to date with their Union and get in touch with Union Officers..."

United Transportation Union - Local 569 (UTU) (United States)
"Agreement, Benefits, Claims, Gen. Chairman Reports, Interest, Intra-Union, Uncategorized..."

United Transportation Union - Local 577 (UTU) (United States)
"Remember to attend your local meetings. Your input is important!"

United Transportation Union - Local 582 (UTU) (United States)
"Representing Trainmen on the former Wisconsin Central, Fox Valley & Western and Soo Saint Marie Lines..."
http://0582.utu.org/ ~ http://0582.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 583 (UTU) (United States)
"We represent the collective bargaining efforts of CN trainmen employees (conductors, brakemen and utility trainmen) based at North Fond du Lac, Schiller Park, Waukesha and outlying locations."

United Transportation Union - Local 610 (UTU) (United States)
"A union is a group of workers who join together to achieve certain goals and objectives. They may want to improve wages, working conditions, and benefits...."

United Transportation Union - Local 645 (UTU) (United States)
"What started out as a place to post meeting notices has evolved into a valuable tool for our members. We hope that you find this site easy to use and full of information...."

United Transportation Union - Local 656 (UTU) (United States)
"Local meeting is at 12:00pm the first Thursday of the month at the North Little Rock Community Center...."
http://0656.utu.org/ ~ http://0656.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 756 (UTU) (United States)
"This website is intended to update and inform the members of UTU Local 756...."
http://0756.utu.org/ ~ http://0756.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 807 (UTU) (United States)
"...Agreements, Board Awards, Calendar, Contact Us, Peer Support, Photo Gallery, Pool Adjustments, RIP, Safety (report an unsafe condition), UTU-E..."
http://www.utu807.org/ ~ http://utu807.org/dnn/

United Transportation Union - Local 845 (UTU) (United States)
"Membership is drawn primarily from the operating crafts in the railroad industry and includes conductors, brakemen, switchmen, ground service personnel, locomotive engineers, hostlers and workers in associated crafts..."
http://www.utu845.org/ ~ http://utulocal845.yolasite.com/

United Transportation Union - Local 904 (UTU) (United States)
"Our Local is Evansville's finest because of the dedication of our members and officers...."

United Transportation Union - Local 911 (UTU) (United States)
"Voluntary Short Term Disability Insurance, UTU Constitution, Carrier Section 6U, TU Section 6, GCOR 2005..."

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