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United Transportation Union - Local 934 (UTU) (United States)
"Stay up to date here with the UTU, BNSF, & area news...."

United Transportation Union - Local 940 (UTU) (United States)
"This Local represents members that work East and West out of and at Wichita Falls, Texas on the BNSF Railroad. East, 114 miles to Ft. Worth and West, 222 miles to Amarillo...."

United Transportation Union - Local 974 (UTU) (United States)
"...Rail Roaders Cookbook, Railcar Kind Codes, UTU International, Officers of Local 974, Tech Center..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1067 (UTU) (United States)
"Servicing Superior, WI Pokegama Yard 160 Miles North to International Falls, MN into Fort Frances, Canada..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1168 (UTU) (United States)
"Those members who have questions about, or wish to contribute to Local 1168 but cannot attend the monthly meetings you can email any of the Local Officers...."
http://1168.utu.org/ ~ http://1168.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 1313 (UTU) (United States)
"A tentative new five-year national rail agreement covering wages, benefits and working conditions has been reached between the UTU and the National Carriers' Conference Committee (NCCC)...."

United Transportation Union - Local 1328 (UTU) (United States)
"...By-Laws, Agreement/Claiming Rules, Legislative/Safety, Meetings, Officers, Members, Insurance, FELA..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1344 (UTU) (United States)
"...UTU International, UTU General Committe GO-001, BNSF, VRU, Palm Downloads, United Heath Care - Health Insurance, Highmark BCBS - Health Insurance..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1440 (UTU) (United States)
"...has been in existence since 1990, it has 200 members from different represented crafts."
http://1440.utu.org/ ~ http://1440.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 1503 (UTU) (United States)
"...representing railroad Conductors, Brakemen, Yardmen and Enginemen on the Union Pacific Railroad in Marysville, KS."
http://1503.utu.org/ ~ http://1503.utu.org/UTU_Web/ ~ http://local-1503.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 1529 (UTU) (United States)
"...serves the men and women of CSX, Toledo Terminal. Our jurisdiction includes the CSX yards at Walbridge, Stanley, Fostoria, Woodville and the Toledo P.I. Docks in the state of Ohio."

United Transportation Union - Local 1545 (UTU) (United States)
"...chartered in Monroe, LA on August 1 1969. Local 1545 was formed when local c-499 and local t-222 were consolidated."
http://1545.utu.org/ ~ http://1545.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 1597 (UTU) (United States)
"Welcome to the United Transportation Union Local 1597. The information contained on this site is to keep members informed of current labor issues...."
http://1597.utu.org/ ~ http://1597.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 1607 (UTU) (United States)
"We are asking you to Please adhere to all Metro RULES & SOP's while operating Metro buses. Don't give them anything to call you in for...."

United Transportation Union - Local 1637 (UTU) (United States)
"...UTU International, General Chairman, Submitting Claims, UTU News, Benefits, Agreements, PDA Downloads, FRA Regs, Crew Calling Report, Engine Report Form..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1687 (UTU) (United States)
"Rates of Pay 01/01/11, BNSF Attendence Policy 02/2010, Layoff Codes, UTU General Commitee, Railroad Workers United (58/30 petition)..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1741 (UTU) (United States)
"Welcome to the Website of the San Francisco School Bus Driver's Union..."

United Transportation Union - Local 1770 (UTU) (United States)
"...to represent transportation service employees and to promote their general welfare, social, moral, intellectual, economic and political interests."

United Transportation Union - Local 1814 (UTU) (United States)
"Most of our members are unaware of the many important issues facing themselves and their union. Uninformed members can speak out, make sure that you know how...."
http://1814.utu.org/ ~ http://1814.utu.org/UTU_Web/

United Transportation Union - Local 1823 (UTU) (United States)
"...to help inform you about your involvement in the St. Louis service Unit."

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