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A Declaration For The Right To Public Nudism

By Punkerslut

Image by Havok
Image: "Kalisti 103" by Havok

Start Date: June 28, 2001
Finish Date: June 28, 2001

     I find it offensive that I can be legally thrown in jail for walking down the street completely naked. Firstly, what is so offensive about the body, and secondly, does being offensive grant the law the ability to outlaw something? If everyone hated the color pink, the way everyone today is disgusted at the human body, would the law be justified in making it illegal to wear a pink shirt? A man can take his shirt off, but a woman can't? It appears to me to be more of a case of sexism rather than stopping any form of obscenity. And what obscenity is this? If a female shows her nipple in public, it is a crime. And by what means? It is simply a few inches of the human body. I can certainly see no reason why nudity in the public should be punished with jail time. Like I said previously, if everyone hated the color pink, should wearing the color pink be punished with jail time? I think not!

     So tear your clothes off and run down the street! And when the cops arrest you, say - just like Margaret Sanger said - that you are a political prisoner and that your rights are being infringed! Fight the fascist government! Yes! There is a way to refuse and resist! Go nude all the time, everywhere!

"I regard the Bible, especially the Old Testament, the same as I do most other ancient books, in which there is some truth, a great deal of error, considerable barbarism and a most plentiful lack of good sense." - Ingersoll


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