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Analyzation of Christian Atonement

By Punkerslut

Image by NiD
Image: "Jamaica" by NiD

Start Date: June 29, 2001
Finish Date: June 29, 2001

     Was the only way that our sins could be redeemed was by the brutal and painful death of Christ? He was nailed to a cross with nails in his wrists, causing great duress. This man, this supposed God, died in great pain for your sins. I find it hard to believe that a God would allow such actions to happen to himself. I find it harder to believe that such a Father would ignore all alternatives and kill his only son. What monstrous father would murder his son? Perhaps the goal is not cruel or mean-hearted. The father of the trinity only wished to lift sin from your shoulders. However, this father can do anything. Why must he murder his only son, just so you can lose your sin? He could have done other things, after all, God can do anything. Yet he chose to murder his own son in a bloody, gruesome death. Why would a God do this, unless this God is so cruel and mean-spirited that he derives pleasure from the pain of others? If God can do anything and if God is compassionate, I am certain that he would not have murdered his only son as atonement. How sadistic Christianity is! I don't think any loving or caring parent could murder their own child, especially when an infinite number of other, non-violent actions are available. God, then, must be without love or care.

"Just say NO to Jesus!"


     The following was posted at the Bleach Bulletin Board on Saturday, March 16, 2002, at 11:36 PM. It was said in response to someone who asserted that Christ died for my sins, and therefore he was a great individual.

     Like dying on the cross has a damn thing to do with preventing us from going to hell -- like anyone could have a chance of proving that. By reading the Bible, by seeing god murdering his only son, it is not a sign of atonement that redeemed us. It is a sign of brutality and heartlessness; this so-called god, infinite in all powers and full of every capability, decided to slaughter his only son in the most wicked way, when he could have done anything else to redeem us. With a plethora of over a million options, a god capable of anything -- a million ways to redeem us --, he chose the one way that every humane man would choose last: he killed his son.


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