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Why I Am A Vegetarian

By Punkerslut

Image from ThinkVegan.net
Image: From ThinkVegan.net

Start Date: June 30, 2001
Finish Date: June 30, 2001

     If Racism is wrong because it judges on race rather than the ability to feel pain, then Speciesism - or judging on species - must be wrong because it judges on species rather than the ability to feel pain. Both white men and black men are both equally capable of feeling pain, suffering, joy, desire, and happiness. This capability grants them equal rights. Similarly, both humans and non-human animals are both capable of feeling pain, suffering, joy, desire, and happiness. In my opinion, this capability is what grants a human and a non-human equal rights. These equal rights include the right to life and liberty, which means they cannot be eaten or experimented on. If judging on skin color is wrong, then certainly judging on the quantity of legs must also be wrong. I see no reason that anyone can justify the eating of non-humans on.

"Animals eat each other!" - This is irrelevant. Some animals steal food from each other and rape each other. Ought we copy these actions as well?
"What about plants?" - Plants are not sentient beings. They cannot feel pain or suffering, so they are not on the same level as sentient beings
"I like the taste of meat." - The taste of flesh cannot justify murder, just like an orgasm cannot justify rape.
"Animals aren't smart." - Intellect does not grant them anyone the right to life, nor does stupidity condemn anyone, otherwise infants and the insane would be eaten in seconds.


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