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Jovita Idar Anarchist Image Library

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Name: Jovita Idar Anarchist Image Library (from the Anarchist Black Cross)
Location: Completely Digital
Ideals: Jovita Idar (1885-1946), teacher, journalist, and political activist, was born in Laredo, Texas in 1885, one of eight children of Jovita and Nicasio Idar. She attended the Holding Institute (a Methodist school) in Laredo, from which she earned a teaching certificate in 1903. She then taught at a small school in Ojuelos. Inadequate equipment and poor conditions, as well as her inability to improve them, frustrated her, so she resigned and joined two of her brothers as writers for her father's weekly newspaper, La Crónica.

In 1910 and 1911, La Crónica was vocal in criticizing certain aspects of Anglo treatment of Mexicans. It featured stories on educational and social discrimination against Mexican-Americans, deteriorating economic conditions, decreasing use of the Spanish language, the loss of Mexican culture and lynchings of Mexicans by Anglos. The newspaper also supported efforts of the revolutionary forces in Mexico. (Read More: web.archive.org )

About: These images come from the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC), whose main website is no longer available. Permission was granted to reproduce these graphics on the main page, though: web.archive.org , with the text, "The Jovita Idar Anarchist Image library contains over 200 anarchist graphics and anti-prison graphics. Please feel free to peruse and use these images for your flyers, websites and more. Unless noted, these images may be distributed freely." (2006)

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